Speed Stacks

Speed Stacks Demonstration Team

Demonstration Team Responsibilities:

A Demonstration (Demo) Team is a group of student stackers that are proficient in their stacking abilities. Demo Team members are the Ambassador’s helpers and demonstrators at the presentation. Your Demo Team stackers will add excitement to your presentation as they show off their stacking skills. They will also help the presentation participants visualize their own students sport stacking. The Demo Team can also learn Speed Stacks musical routines that will “WOW” your audience!

The Demo Team responsibilities are:

Choosing your Demo Team:

Consider including a musical routine in your presentation. A musical routine not only entertains your audience but demonstrates stacking creativity. We have developed two musical routines. Our signature routine is called Dueling Speed Stacks. In addition, we have a routine called StackStorm, which features Color Stacking. The Demo Team Training Video, directions for the musical routines and Color Stacking can be found on the Home Page of the Ambassador web site. The Demo Team Training allows your stackers to practice at home because it is on the web site. Hold practice sessions with your demo team until they feel comfortable with the routines.

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