Speed Stacks

Speed Stacks Ambassador Compensation Plan

The Ambassador Compensation Plan is designed around you starting and developing sport stacking programs. As a Speed Stacks Ambassador you will be able to keep track of all your participants, their activity and track your earnings anytime you log into your account. The Ambassador Compensation Plan pays Ambassadors for presentations they give, programs they help start, ongoing sales resulting from those programs and competitions they help facilitate in their area. Ambassador compensation payments are issued once a month depending on the balance amount in the Ambassadors account. Below is a sample income structure used for example purposes only. Actual results may vary.

Speed Stacks Ambassador Income Structure

Presentation Income Potential (Example)

Details Total
Present to 25 PE Teachers and Follow up ($2.00 x 25) $50.00
7 of the above participants want to start a program
2 purchase a 30-set Sport Pack ($40.00 x 2) $80.00
5 go through the Loaner Program ($10.00 x 5) $50.00
7 do a Group Order. Average of $850 per Group Order (10% of $5,950.00) $595.00
Host a Sanctioned Tournament with 150 stackers participating $200.00
Grand Total $975.00

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